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Vallarta Vacation Villa - Vacation Condo Rental
Grand Marina Villas in Paradise Village





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Paradise Village - Grand Marina Villas


Grand Marina Villas


Banderas Bay


Paradise Village

Nuevo Vallarta & PVR Airport

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Currency, Banks & Money Exchange:
The peso is the national currency, although US dollars are widely accepted in businesses throughout town. Major credit cards are also accepted in most establishments. Banks offer currency exchange during business hours, which are generally Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, with a few offering at least morning service on Saturdays. Universal ATMs are broadly available for cash withdrawals from global cash cards; money exchange and hotels also offer currency exchange services.

The exchange rate is about 10 to 1.  Basically drop the zero on all prices you see.  If you go to the grocery store and they ring up a price of $950 don't have a heart attack, it is actually $95.  Bring PLENTY of small bills in cash! Merchants give you change in Mexican currency, which can be very confusing when you try to spend it.  Having close to the exact amount is easiest solution.


Electricity:  Mexico operates on the same 110-volt current as the United States, so electrical adapters are not needed.


What is Puerto Vallarta's time zone?  Puerto Vallarta is Central Standard Time year round. Use this map to figure the time difference Timezone Map


Postal services, stamps and snail mail?  Stamps can usually be purchased at the same time as postcards. They are also available from the post-office (Oficina de Correos). Open Monday to Friday: 8am - 3pm, Sat: 9am - 1pm.  A stamp for a postcard is currently aprox. $4.00 pesos, an takes approximately 2 weeks to arrive to its destination (sometimes more).


Where and how can I make International phone calls?  International telephone calls from Mexico can be very expensive, it is better to use your own national phone credit card service (ask for Ladatel phone cards, they come in different denominations, 30 - 50 and 100 pesos) or simply call collect. We advise not to use the telephones on the street offering international dial ups. You may be charged a connection fee if you use your phone card from your hotel room. To dial direct to the United States or Canada you dial 001, the area code, then the local number. Long distance calls to other parts of the world are preceded by 00 and then the country code, city code and the corresponding telephone number.


Can I drink the water?  Puerto Vallarta recently received certification for quality drinkable water - one of the few places in Mexico to receive this honor. But that doesn't mean you should drink it! It means it's safe when it leaves the water plant, but after going through the water pipes and system.- it may not be! Stick to purified water, which is now served in nearly all restaurants, hotels, and bars throughout Vallarta.  But it doesn't hurt to ask. The water in Grand Marina Villas IS PURIFIED. In most hotels and restaurants, you will get purified water, if in doubt - ask: (Agua purificada?) Eating in the local restaurants is safe, but be very cautious of outdoor vendors who do not have refrigeration for their food.


Will my cell phone work in Mexico?  There is local cellular service. Very few cellular services will allow you to roam in Mexico. Most cell phones will work, but they must be reprogrammed by the local service provider.


Email and Internet access?  You can bring your laptop computer, you will have to contact one of local ISP's who will provide you with temporary Internet access for your limited stay.  Verizon's laptop cell cards DO have signal.  There are quite a few Cyber Cafes in PV.  Paradise Village Mall (just 100 feet from the unit) has a Cyber Cafe with computers.